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go to dances. Treatment Rest in bed some months belladonna.

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Egg Omelet with Green Com or Bread Crumbs. Boil 1 dozen

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He then recoimts the steps taken to re establish the hospital

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the notes of three cases all successful both immediately

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This experiment clearly showed that carbon dioxid was gradually

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unfer liebes Vaterland auf dem Krankenbett und wird bis zum WeifJ

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presents to us the genial rather than the brilliant character of its

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inflammation yet in women this infection often entails

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meninges of the brain in fact no tissue is exempt. An inter

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fluous than necessary. It is not mentioned in the works of

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and duriDg the night of Monday or early on Tuesday morning the

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so long as any considerable bulk of the traumatic cataract remains it

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she again passed blood from the bowels but this time

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some entire villages are infected and the inhabitants of one

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inevitable adjustments that are now taking place in the

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reality of the phenomena of spiritualism. However iu

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Miescher s observations prove that lecithin which is closely allied to

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transportation will form in the rear of the Hospital Company

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and epileptic attacks with the periodic maxima and minima of

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carinate curiously marked at the outer edge with elevated interbranch

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power of observation seemed very remarkable to young pupils.

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which it is susceptible of being turned. We are led

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her the appearance of being near thirty. Her health has continued good.

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At the field hospital however the treatment of the wonnd

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quite distinct from the ascending perineural lymphogenous toxi infections.

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patients rise up while attendants doze for a few minutes and

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enteric ulcers. A most instructive account of a simultaneous outbreak

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anemia. Dysentery and typhoid fever may be followed by an anemia

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About half of the total number of examinations made were carried

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Leeds School of Medicine per Thomas Scattergood 41 Park

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in which he expressed the opinion that without medical

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against the too prevalent idea that in general septic peri

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their administration which however seems to depend upon their

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Was admitted to the hospital for observation. The next

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be said of practically every hospital I visited in Australi.i

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ness the direction of the pain and the absence of cardiac disturbance will

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thorough good purgative dose of sulphate of magnesia in

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The action on cantharidin of sulphuric acid distinguishes it

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necessity. Much must still be taught to the laity however not only

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factor more largely prevails as in the bronchitis of asthma and some

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Of almost equal importance is the waste yeast which is daily pro