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Dr. Brundage reports as follows I examined my records care
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highly effective because it contains both alkali and cresol.
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On the West via the west line of Cook Co. 111. the county
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The diagnosis of aural tuberculosis is not by any means
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and turns the blisters brown. Does not seem to shorten the disease.
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modic asthma and was first suggested by Dr. Buchanan
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of infants and various indefinite gastric and intestinal disorders. A large number of
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mucous membrane which not uncommonly extends into the appendix. As
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Weiss reports a couple of cases of sheet hemorrhage or hema
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appears that the deceased was married about four months since and
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patients prior to Immediately after and 24 hours after plasmaphoresis.
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isted from absolutely prehistoric times. It has been
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course of time gained that much on vulgar beer. Salivated
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the dentists themselves have brought the trouble upon their own
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treatment of the syphilitic joint differs fundamentally from that of the tuber
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being exposed to atmospheric action and also by its being forced
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t C regarded by many as a disease constitutional in
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all medical subjects clinical diagnosis. Former editions have
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tioners. So that we may fairly assume that in spite of the
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The regular meeting of this association was held in Donald
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malingerers or not. It should be remembered that many men such as
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When the British army is mobilized every soldier should
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and it was said that ten or fifteen perhaps even twenty per
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we required frequent visitations of alienists to penal
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These nodes were apparently situated in the lymph channels
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that endanger the sight should grow less as the use of proper mechanical
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others. It has been also stated that if the disease
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A specimen of an enlarged thyroid from the lamb was about the size
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Hata Inlet iutt. Jonni. Public Health July August 1921
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as sulphates. By evaporating the alcoholic solution the colocynthin is
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tion. Death from exhaustion perhaps in from three to twelve weeks
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and the artifice of charcoals where if the air be altogether
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bourhood of plate which will now be removed. Plate removed
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The causes which lead to the production of papillomata are of very feeble
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methods in which that branch of physics has been rendered useful
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are for the most part intelligent and their remnants of hearing and speech
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thus writes of him He was a favourite amongst us and in many
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whether black patients especially elderly ones thought that they
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teach till within two months of his death. His great
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amount of fluid withdrawn in most instances the initial puncture
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by Korshinsky from horticultural practice may be regarded as inade
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We had the honor of noticing the first part o these very valuable
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