Praise for La Pieta's debut album, Summer

"Really lovely, slow, quiet pop songs, with perfect boy-girl vocals, very much like Mates of State, but with more subdued melodicism. Clean guitars gently jangle behind the beautiful pensive vocals and simple bass and drums, adding just the right minimalist accompaniment. Seven terrific tracks recorded last summer that deserve a lot of attention!"

- Clairecords

“La Pieta's Summer is aptly named. The album-opener “Surround” leaves valuable room in the mix for the ever-intensifying simplicity of Mike's guitars to work some wonderfully restrained magic. Rachel and Eric's vocals come off more like intense poetry reading than actual singing, which adds to the subtle urgency that “Surround” carries as a whole. This track manages to float away way too soon with every listen. Song like “Sound Machine” fall somewhere between Television and Low on the ‘sounds like' scale. “Paperwhites” closes Summer , led by more of Rachel's stark vocals and some really nice lead-ish guitar parts. Recommended for fans of the lazy pop sound.

-Delusions of Adequacy

"Sweet and cunning pop...Clocking in around 40 minutes, these boys and girl really know a thing or two about song structure, repeating and overlapping parts to show off all the possible variations of every hook. A beautiful, minimal debut."

- No Karma Records

Summer is an EP of 7 tracks recorded in a basement studio in Brooklyn by the band La Pieta. This EP helps restore faith in bands who do it all themselves. Summer has not one filler song on it, and with each track the band grows and grows, by the end of track seven you hit play all over again. La Pieta sounds like Rainer Maria on downers. The songs aren't as fast and over the top as Rainer Maria, and the girl vocals are just right, not too over the top and not too wispy. A really good start, now let's see if they can keep it up.”

-The Bees Knees

“Eric and Rachel perfectly combine their boy-girl vocals in a complimentary fashion, soothing and heartfelt. Lyrically they write wry pop-songs… The stripped-down instrumentation is refreshing in an over-saturated effects age: Mike's guitar is playful and poppy. The greatest thing about La Pieta is the ease in which the songs seem to flow from them and the fun they seem to be having off one another. Hopefully, more songs will spring from them soon and fall our way.”

-Action Man Magazine

"Comin' straight outta Brooklyn, La Pieta is a trio of musicians who play some pleasing, post-punk music...'April Is' kicks ass, with Rachel proclaiming that 'April is the cruelest month' in her soft, almost childlike voice. 'Lullabye' is a slow, dreamy tune... Watch for big things from these kids sometime in the future."

-J. Ryan Kee, Action Attack Helicopter

“La Pieta, a New York three-piece, certainly have the right combination for a nice summer day. Their vibe is totally Unrest. I'm gonna safely bet my money on future records— Summer is the sound of a band with potential, and time and live shows have probably improved things for these younguns, so I'm eager to hear what they're up to now.”

-Joseph Kyle, Mundane Sounds

"La Pieta's music contains all those things that I like about indie pop when it is done well: sweet, well thought out vocal harmonies; sparse, melodic guitar that holds back when it should and rocks when the listener doesn't expect it but secretly wants it; bass lines that share with the guitar & vocals the job of carrying a melody but stealthily so; a drummer who listens and locks it in; and, of course, catchy songs with honest lyrics that tickle the heart."

-Professor Plum

“La Pieta are two boys and one girl from Brooklyn who are making slowcore… the easy guitar-driven music that is a bit typical American, where unexpected guitar riffs meet sleazy pop. Because of the vocals you will refer it a bit to Blonde Redhead. There is a sort of Sonic Youth pattern in it—think of Arab Strap with Kim Gordon as their singer. La Pieta is an underground band doing their own thing, and that is praised by zines and the underground movement. Noisecore for the softhearted!!!”

-Dreams Never End

Summer is about fragile relationships, girl/boy vocals and the breezy feeling of sitting on the beach whilst the sun sets in August. At a really long stretch of the imagination, they could be called the US equivalent of Belle and Sebastian… Think Sleater Kinney playing the last Lust album and you'll be getting warm.”

-Andy Quirk Thomas, Drowned in Sound

“Glorious! A pretty damn fine little rock record. The music gives the two vocalists room to work their magic. It's like Mates of State or Rilo Keiley, but not as cheesy as either. Check this out.”

-Geek America

"Absolutely charming. An exercise in restraint; indie pop that is highlighted by vocal harmonies, subtle songwriting and smart guitar playing. You'll listen to the album and want to have the band over for dinner."

-Adam McKibbin,

"La Pieta's Summer is a short but sweet taste of dissonance. The end effect is pure indie pop in the classic sense, avoiding all categorizations and pigeonholes, complimented with a dual vocal style..."

- Mish Mash Indie Music

"...Listen hard enough and you'll start to agree with the band: The best way to illustrate relationships is to use subtlety as a safeguard. Songs are on the quiet side, which makes them all the easier to hum along to. The Brooklyn trio met at Oberlin College where, among other provocative past times, clever indie acts prevail."

-Lauren Viera, Village Voice

Reviews from Deep Elm's Emo Diaries #9 Compilation: Sad Songs Remind Me

”It's La Pieta who take home the blue ribbon for their absolutely lovely “More of the Sky.” Male and female vocals intertwine, terse cymbals brush up against delicate guitar chimes and a warm bass provides the backbone. Oh yeah, and the lyrics are actually really good, teeming with a hope that flies in the face of the sadness that emo is supposedly about. Nice.”


Reviews from the Indie-cent Exposure Compilation , Released in the U.K.

"La Pieta are from the US and they write wonderful, touching indie pop songs that I want to play over and over again. 'Surround' is essentially an understated guitar riff topped with luscious, hypnotic boy / girl vocals and it sounds perfect. 'My heart beats warm, my heart beats strong' they sing. They remind me of Mates of State. I love Mates of State. La Pieta rule the skool!"


"Thumbs up for American La Pieta's 'Surround', who offer up a lush male/female vocal combination for this love song. The feeling and delivery is perfect. It's also slightly reminiscent of Cyndi Lauper's 'Time After Time'. Truly fantastic."

-Home & Away Fanzine