tion. They are commonly associated with a chronic form of meningeal tuber

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detailed examinations as to the elimination of urea

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Micturition and Defecation. Disorders of micturition are ultimately

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tinal tract rarely if ever changed while the contrary

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Ii wry necky the cervical region should be swathed in warm flannel.

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periods recurring monthly and fometimes depend on our hours of

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Hospital Association on Tuberculosis brought out the importance

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Morton s book covers as completely as possible in one

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teeth but pure sugar and pure candies are wholly dissolved

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Philadelphia and London 1882 The evacuating catheter to be

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interference can be carried out with little danger of spreading the in

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openings. Microscopically the vessel walls were found to be

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Supply Depot Army Medical School and by this division in an

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outbreak of scarlatina in Dudley which he believed he had traced to

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has not resulted from the operation. This operation can be

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Dr. Jones had injected the drug as a dangerous experiment having

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subsided within the last six months. For the last twelve years

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and M.5 for Burghs may be obtained by the same date.

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expense and he did not desire to use the central authority to compel

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from rheumatic arthritis whether he has had a cough for a long

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sunmier they may remain free but each succeeding winter the cough comes

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movement of the bowels the following day after the stomach has been

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the familiar test of stopping the external auditory

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years of age who had had a number of slight attacks

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than that they attach to the possession of a horse even though tho

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arsenic or not if I demand pai ers free from arsenic

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which attend telangiectasis of the ovaries and in the latter condition the

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heavy woolen dark hued clothing should be discarded although

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space of four hundred cubic feet children under ten years of age to

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posterior the awricz Zar cavity. The constriction between the auricle

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ureter are now carefully sutured over the guide which may be

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and pepsin may be added to secure at once proteid digestion and

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and corpulent and the sallow emaciated and rather cachectic patient with

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Marchi V. Sull origlne e decorso del peduncoli cerebellar e sui loro

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renders them no longer available for utilisation by the tissues for

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rected me to the Archives Generales in which they were publisned. 1 took

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there was no rise of temi erature. The vomiting was

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the form of the predominant lesion whether this be of the bullous type

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Formerly Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics in the Medical College of

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almost immediate results. In the majority of them we do not expect to

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may be necessary to puncture uterus through rectum. Antiseptic injections