no cedema or congestion of the lungs and no enlargement of the

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although in structure very similar to that of P sinuata Oliv. is much

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tinued discharge. Becovcry may be reached by a gradual diminution

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ally proved disappointing as the intestinal coats are so altered

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necessary and to impose a penalty of 5 upon him for such omission

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We referred in the Journal of November 9lb 1918 to the

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tifying to the faculty to feel that this grows stronger

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ized to do so as he was the first to study the ijuota

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member of the profession to be favoured with a copy of the

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ber of abstracts of articles dealing with the food and drug laws

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of their sufferings flocked to London with hope re

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in operation had by degrees become enlarged until they were enabled

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The trustees of the New York Orthopedic Dispensary and

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the system. Rush in practice followed the French Botallus. Botallus

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dize the patient s life they should be removed 3 each case

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still tire in reading. Her ladyship is advised to rest

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agreement with my own. If the colon be excised in all our chronic

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motion at the humble Petition of the said Boyal College have willed

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l.i0O 60O Epoch of Anatomy No. 2 Revival of Anatomy Anatomi

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is hemorrhage. In the majority of cases of bleeding following

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The rete mirabile is an interesting survival of Galenic

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both her ovaries. The ordinary patient after having her

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a small fibroid in the pouch of Douglas at the second con

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it may be unable to produce any effect the absence of anaesthesia also

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ing usefulness and reputation ever since is known and

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in shape. They are held to their place by ligaments and at the

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various sorts are capable of producing the granular degenera

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occurring in the old and debilitated. Made into an ointment with

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leukaemia youth anthrax Texas fever microbes. Symptoms Persistent

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explain at present would seem to be of special significance as in

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improving the work done at these hospitals there would

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A resinous exudation from the living root of Convolvu

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Acute alcoholismus and prolonged and intense mental anxiety and grief are

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or chorea tlie typical lacies and malar flush and the cardiac bruits.

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if any inconvenience indeed a most perfect state of health may exist

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third possible expedient that of faith. He believes his mis

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disease may be favorably influenced and its spread limited. Cod liver

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Nous avons cepcndant vu qu entre les 18 cas qui n ont manifeste

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ber of post mortem investigations it is apparent that the

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tion of the spread of disease in interstate traflfic.

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ity of introducing the disease and also cholera into the

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sound in the pulmonary artery is seldom louder than usual the

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before the Royal Commission on Arsenic Poisoning. Since the

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sarily correspond to the different degrees of functional activity are

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exposing the infected medulla throughout a consider