ference still farther favours the destructive action of the gastric juice.
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In severe cases care should be taken to keep the head
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surgical therapeutist must receive special training
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record cases under the care of Dr. T. Wardrop Griffith in
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times. In closing his paper the author said that he had arrived
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notice had been given b the appellant. At the hearing it was
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membranes as well as on the skin provided the parts can be
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cytosis they provide the unorganised ferments for the process of resolu
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Eager to discover the secrets of the structure of the peritoneum.
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you might as well know with but small process of reason
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sumptives and wrote several reports on the arid regions of the
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general phases of the live stock industry which like the prelimin
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tion into fat cells takes place by the infiltration
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During the apyrexia which lasted from three to five hours the patients
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recorded every 15 minutes during the first 2 hours and longer if
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an insect flagellate might become pathogenic on being introduced into
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Beginning with the academic year 1911 12 the two departments of Bot
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not yield to the usual remedies and he was therefore induced at different
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oneer in Medical Education Clinical Teacher of Medicine
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the anatomic knowledge naturally gained by the surgeon in opening the body
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a report on the importation of cattle from the Argentines to Italy
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a fatal issue in spite of treatment surgical or medical.
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monary strongylosis leaves the animals it attacks more indifferent
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bakers knife grinders stone masons and the like are fraught with special
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types all of which contain a refractive paraboloid a nmnber of
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always give an unfavourable prognosis. I have never seen but one patient
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pains incident to influenza rheumatism lumbago gout menstrual
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By vol less than Three Members of the Grouped Branches.
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for his concepts of contagiousness of yellow fever as
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typhoid character the treatment should be the same as that of typhus
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power depends on the nature of the soil on which it
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June 2Ist 1921 describe a modiftcation of Schwartz s
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sulfonates of these metals. They are white odorless
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the general mortality reached an almost unparalleled height
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tumor of the genital canal or its neighborhood which
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insigne ac perutile opus Philosophiae naturalis 14 d6..114
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exaggerated by exercise but that a rise of body temperature indicates
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mefp opium pepper and rhubarb Tachirch. Isamo spices dyes resins
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assistant at each side to elevate and retract the nates. Thrilling moment
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proves fatal or the animal is afterwards affected with chorea or the jerks.
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ation in the glowing sunshine. On the eastern aide of
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the experiment. He could not answer why the respiratory
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constipation dyspepsia and portal congestion should each receive its
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General Funston s order placing Colonel Torney in charge was as
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the gastrl contents aflfords one an elementary insight into
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comparative opinion and in so slight a degree on positive demon
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be resumed when the exacerbations come on. Those cases beginning
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site of the precipitation. This second class of diseases are characterized
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be fixed as near the posterior end of the urethra as
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ihird group comprises those cases usually milder in their course
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Dr. Heywood Smith said that private organisation for the purpose
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effects. The bark is an ingredient in the compound decoction of
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November 96 1808. 81 1 Inches of ureter removed with
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striated transversely. They will live in clear water for a week and in
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the abdominal wall and bring pressure on the abdominal
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other cutaneous eruptions the diseased parts must be washed
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tarrhal conditions of the buccal mucous membranes such as is