had existed from the patient s statement for three years. On examination
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carefully made without yielding any important information the patient
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the only method available. In malignant operable tumours
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The sight seeing finished the doctors were directed to the physiological
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climate is often too raw and unsettled for the delicate invalid to depend
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the rejection or selection and combination of drugs
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fresh defibrinated blood Kohler emulsions or extiacts from cells
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bewildering variety of configurations to classify and explore. No
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was 68.08 which was above the average of 57.67 for the United States
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of the advisability of an established policy delegating to
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stituted over 99 per cent of the forces. 2 By the disability boards.
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normality or n cubic centimeters of tenth normal free HCl
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sometimes as large as the old fashioned three cent piece
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Ethnology and its Eelations to Other Branches of Anthropology. 545
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in the high standing accorded to the college by the pro
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Lieutenant Governor by the House. To fortify their position the Sen
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urine which he attnbuted to exposure to ihe weather. The house surgeon
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spective of its primary cause. Having had such good results with it in
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types it further shows that many of the suggested ones
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purified animal charcoal boil for a few minutes and filter the solution
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months but the pains returned again with the same force at
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conscious I felt the pressure of the prisoner s body the witness then
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globin impart colors varying from bread crust to choco
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Ijright eyed the picture of physical and mental health
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which may aggravate or perpetuate joint lesions after the ini
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weeks 4.000 men were a work at widely separated points. The boats
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unrecognized and in some cases at least the apparent immunity
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in double quick time and hastily rises from the table. All this causes
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sick but six thereof De Materia Medica have found the
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cliecking tlie supply of drugged blood to the brain should reduce the tremor.
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in a lew minutes examine itby immersing your hand therein
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as if controlled by a sphincter from his umbilicus. Littre mentions a patent
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included all the population living for a period of at least three months
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of an animal with haematoma it is possible to demonstrate
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eyes long ago complained of the effect of an 8 candle power
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mentioned. Of course every case of cough diagnosed properly tuber
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remarked that the dietetic part of the medicine depended as much
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scientific investigatiqn. Its bitter crystalline contituent
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exhibits a reddish brown cortex and yellowish white wood.
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meeting of the Jledico Psychological Society on May 19th
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Treated by partial hysterectomy and tying off blood supply 2
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These nodes were apparently situated in the lymph channels
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the Philadelphia General Hospital Assistant Surgeon
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III. Use as a gargle in recent affections of the throat.
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acute inflammation of the nasal mucosa a combined bacteria
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Fig. J. Rana virescens in grafting stage showing cut made when
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which if made up of intestine is subject to ga.seous distension
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in diseases of the respiratory passages. As all the
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The author said that it was not possible to promise improvement
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created discovered or invented. If we take Newton as an illus
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a patient who had amebic dysentery during his boyhood
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j upon a patient for diffuse abscess of the skull. Instead
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praxis the conscious self control of conduct of each
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avoid any risk to its tissues the discharge should not be completed