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rule it is not wise to place much reliance on the kid

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lease by culture in diphtheria is analogous to that

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Tetanus. Fifty four cases of tetanus occurred among Army ani

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hemiplegic chorea will be considered in the hemiplegia of children. The

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tioned by Ruth. He devised this method in 1866 and since

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cloudy saturated atmospheres with but slight movements of air currents

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examination without concentration. It often contains a little albumin

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roth J.. Ueber Anticomplemente und Antiamboceptoren nor

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sides of its tibial and fibular articulation force the leg to move in

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are devoted rather to excluding the cold than to ventilating

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Dose Of the powder thirty grains of the infusion from

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On dilating the wound paralysis of the left arytenoid was detected.

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The blood picture in all the cases observed from the begin

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and to secure information for the completion of military records.

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pledget of lint with sulphur ointment or powdered charcoal was

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Among the better class patients the refined methods of symp

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innervation of the body organs inducing malnutrition

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or weight or both combined. Dr. Harris observes in this connection

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The reticulum which is the smallest of the gastric compartments is

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go to dances. Treatment Rest in bed some months belladonna.

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acceptable and eflScient professional care and hence medical officers

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onds patient comj lained of tingling and numbness in the feet

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ment dental surgeon to corps area dental surgeon assistant to the

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pregnancy was intra uterine. From the time patient left

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for further service. From the commencement of his illness he

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night specimen there was a considerable amount of sugar. The

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palpitation is present on slight j hy8ical exertion or mental excitement.

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Hakilton of Buffalo. lt Transactions of the State Medical Society of the

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month may 1 requisite for the completion of convalescence.

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was called the Transylvania University. The Legislature of

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Furthermore syphilitio cerebral affections manifest a great tendency

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connection with the digestive processes. Unlike the sal

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once to the intracerebral injection at the same time

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especially at the excretory ducts of the mucous glands. The

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country where there are no rivers to navigate or railroads to

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beliaviourto the detriment of convalescence the dyspeptic

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conditions and the percussion note are the same as are presented by the

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Then repeated the stimulus on the left foot head promptly brought

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Analogously the growing organism as it was demonstrated

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experience and the alcohol or spirit poured over it. The cylinder may

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the king of germs syphilis. It is a subject of great im

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operation being easily performed as the greater thickness of the skin

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Proceeding upon the belief that the spinal system is chiefly

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JOHN WRIGHT lt S CO. Publishers and Printers BRISTOL.

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riage of unsuitables and the breeding of inefficients. This

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Avoidance of over stimulation and excessive doses of opium. Use of

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The anterior ligament of the ankia joint is divided through

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ungsanderungen und dann mit einer Minute langen Interval

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