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passing through the mucous membrane from the blood

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difficult and unsatiafactory procedure. Better reBulta are obt ed by

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much as any man in his day in the development of the

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scientists Dowieites osteopaths etc. The attorney general gave

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sin to assist lt ligestion. In the most persistent C4ises of amemia iron

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vigorous activity of Colonel Gorgas yellow fever was

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country of the world to find the name of our good friend and

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department to stay its ravages among the soldiers stationed at the various

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for the now session may of course be brought forw anl or

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Marine Hospital Service for testing and the results of

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its brilliant results. This was probably due to the disappointment

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answered we must refer briefly to certain physiological observations that

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and there was considerable dysmenorrhea and menorrhagia. At

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Dr. Hale White s details of the other cases are as follows

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with the Sachs Georgi technic gave anticomplementary results

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remember that you must get good absorption or endanger the

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tistics. While in the eastern districts of the province there was a

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combination with flour sugar and fatty or oily matters. The

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and possible difference of opinion has in the judgment of most

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national lottery for the construction and maintenance of a sana

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benefit of the doubt if there be elements of doubt to

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emaciated condition that becomes plainly perceptible on skinning. The

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This case sheds a new light upon the surgery of the hip

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invariably present and often gradually disappearing under the

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had been under his care in the Montreal General Hos

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PuBLisHKD Monthly by the Ameeican Medical Publishing Company.

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subcrepitant rhoachns. The heart s sounds are natural. The tonpie Is some

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illi run dircfltly to their rich neighbours for cor

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Two Hungarian labourers whose skulls had been crushed

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probabilities of any such unfortunate complications

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duction of carbon dioxide. Various observers have sho Ti that

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somewhat difficult to account for this tardy recognition of means that

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not enter a vein. In some cases the dose was reduced to

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features. She gained flesh rapidly and has no more nervous spells.

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of success. The following case will illustrate this A lady thirty

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and going under various names and whether this fever

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found to be due to a ruptured aneurysm of the basilar artery.

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reflex is very definite and with a short immersion lasting a few

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nodules are formed in the testis without evidence of

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delicate in health with the weather at the temperature and the condition

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Experiments w ere carried out to discover to what degree substances

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body of water at a proper temperature. Shower baths

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specihc questions bad to be filled up. He had no right t

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cannot be picked out by the dressing forceps may be

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little that is new. I have chosen out some points in the

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the mediastinum and enlargement of the thymus spleen liver and kidneys.

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want to vomit. On assuring him that he would not vomit he

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means a considerable portion of the tendency to intestinal indiges

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kerosene containing 10 percent of cresol or 5 percent of turpentine.

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When thrown on burning coals it expands in purple vapors. It is not

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the cyst was opened and the contents shelled out from

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patients as they landed in the United States were studied for suggestions as

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WTjman and eight for a fool. Personally I should be inclined to

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ment of accouHuodation causes the conjugate focus of the retina to approach

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can impair the transmission of sound by the latter.

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that the patients are always attacked out of doors.

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of chief nurses who turned hospitals topsy turvy and trans