puric rash persisted. There were many coarse rales every where

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life proves conclusively that the individual cell is

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Hospital Service experts who diagnosed the disease and destroyed the rodent

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the spine flying blisters and the passage of a weak continuous gal

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serious character being promptly dealt with. The isolation wing

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pities or comlensed milk or evaporated cream can be rjirried along and

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more reputation perhaps than Dr. Rollins and that there is a

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by any means. The influenza visitation of 1SS9 was as

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taken against the merycism in this case but the pa

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Its eggs are laid in anything that holds water a sardine tin or

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very sensitive condition. Pus from the ear showed a mixed

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where there is pericarditis and those parts of the pleurae which overlap the

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febrin or phenacetin or 10 grains of antipyrin are given. In

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is justified in using adrenal substance until first careful consideration has

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institutions of like character. Another point is that hospital

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to repeat the dose whenever it is thought expedient ou

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transverse section of the hemispheres there are no bloody points.

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flowers are often crushed into a hamper carelessly packed and reach

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cal attendant Dr. Ayling sent her to me with a letter to the

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tem almost as much more and this is not all because

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larly for a longer or shorter time becomes prematurely arrested.

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Those for enucleation are the large so called gland

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progress in deyeloping methods of treatment for instance to an

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Risby S. D. School Hygiene and Diseases of the Eye Philadelphia

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how in fact it amounts to stupidity and such persons

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character than was the average run of American Expeditionary

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of the ear and nose was negative. After careful con

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tuberculous peritonitis simply incising the abdomen and

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dent of the Society of Chemical Industry which was in

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the 375 cases studied by means of the electrocardiograph within the

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compression. Sometimes inflammation ends in abscess suppuration occur

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disease and injuries is the prevention of disease among

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of pressure and tension which might very well be the cause of

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But the poetry of this record is completely annulled

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by se lt Tetion from diseased gums around decayed teeth. Treat

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symptoms are generally more severe and leave greater prostration

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pump and a spray nozzle. It holds about 5 gallons and

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and emaciated. Fourteen days after delivery a painful nodule was observed

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the filled ventrieleH contniet and blood is thrown through the aoterial

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intestinal canal and that alkalies absorbents should be

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system by vaunting the virtues of a solution of carbolic acid cont..ining

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Tokyo has come to exist as a city. We sell all kinds

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of narrow jaws has been a subject on which very er

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absent in thirty seven. In the other cases the same mi

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the quality and character of food to meet different conditions of the stomach

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tunity of personally examining it and of confirming their conclusions.

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monary strongylosis leaves the animals it attacks more indifferent

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active part in the management of the hospital being chair

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were devised engines and cars passing around curves with im

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one half or rarely 1 minute and always within the said

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and local anesthetic in 49. No anesthetic was required in 90 opera

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to the fistulous opening. An epithelial graft is then cut from a

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after surviving severe insulin shock some patients may refuse to use

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The gall bladder is a pear shaped sack about four inches long

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due to narrowing or occlusion of one or both coronary vessels.

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be the ascending pharyngeal an abnormal vertebral or a

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College is a conglomerate ball of paper taken from the stomach

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were due to drowning and 3 to traumatisms by machines. Not more

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Climate op Tampa Florida. Latitude 27 57 N. Longitude

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and wotting tbo pillovr partly by that which flowing backward passea

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variations. In some instances there are enough data to meet the requirements

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diseases. The Army and Navy have made and enforced laws govern

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syphilis in small doses combined with Opium and Quinine

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full in the present number of Ajnerioan Medicine by the

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colleagues fulfils as I think all the requirements of a sphymo

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