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and hospital practice tliat I have abandoned the method.

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apprehension of impending death from suspected disease of the heart or

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internal jugular vein should be exposed aud both sinus and

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sive vitreous opacities with severe inflammation of the eyes were frequent

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not a necessary part of the process of membrane formation. It is

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frequent. The patient says his bowels moved several

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with complications which need prompt operation. If

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Girtanner 1794 C. Sprengel 1794 and 1797 and others. Bier

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M. J. Kelly Kansas City Albert Smith Kinsley Kansas City

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cattle that are exposed to the same infection. The farm is fenced

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penetrate the bronchial mucous membrane and being retained in the

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ever in which in common with most gynecologists I have been

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to demonstrate the logic of his conclusions to show that these

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Death occurred from gradual exhaustion on Nov. 21st 83 days after

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have niches in the temple of learning which nothing but

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liable to be followed by malarial cachexia than in the adult.

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results. Prior to operation with the view of avoiding

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may be given cautiously and absolute rest should be maintained. Bed

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of excitation may cause other conceptions by association such

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by sensory disturbances and especially cases of tumor which are of slow

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who have acquired confidence and skill in guiding the mental

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rarely exceeds the determination of the number and form of the cells

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gastrium after meals. The symptoms were at times so annoying

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hypertrophy of muscular coats. Cysts in ovaries. The spleen was immensely

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endemic goitre will be discussed in a later paper on the

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sufficient ambulances are not available army wagons

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over stores of all kinds as quickly as possible. Dnrme

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if the man have a wound which will certainly prevent auj

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of nystagmus may however be caused by lesions of certain

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of the plain muscle slackness and permeability of the capillary

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of liowel and corresponding mesentery wa allowed to

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Many local cooling applications could be used with much

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On January 18 1919 Base Hospital No. 136 took over patients and the

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promising etc. but he would drink too much whisky and

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not consent to such universal necessity for cervical

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an active proliferation of the splenic cells and especially of

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Rlonnini without serious effects. According to his find

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the means by which many senior medical students of forthcoming

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authors assume a reflex process emanating from the uterus an

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reagent a simple and delicate method which ought to supersede

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only 3 cases in adults in which an anomalous vulvovaginal anus

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tended a lady who was unable to pay for his services.

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is manifested consisting of words and deeds and the constituents of

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recruited from a class without at least a small amount of

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Temporary bradycardia is much more common and is found in the

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cystitis may also develoj as complications. They are usually

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the examination he must produce approved evidence that

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fined to the house practically since the middle of November and

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physiologic functions. All these systems exerted a profound in

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which may involve grave consequences upon their conjugal life such

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