containing the lipoid substance are he believes produced
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the generative organs. It is invaluable in uterine diseases
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Its only serious complication is gastro intestinal catarrh. Death may result
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insane patients during the 3 ear ending December 31 1911
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action or in position to impede the coronary circulation. There seems
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cal Department headquarters. Services of Supply direct acknowledging receipt across its
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course of the disease have shown no distinctive alterations in
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Of the objective symptoms referable to the nervous system the
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condition of the tissues is improved. On the static
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The feet are somewhat abducted and are kept constantly in that
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which was supposed to be paralysed for when the patient became ex
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is injurious to health and therefore its enforcement would be
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rhage or by a terriffic shock. The emergency indications are therefore
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and still more difficult or even impossible for an invalid or a
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Ladies black sticking plaister or a plaister of simple diachylon
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sera diagnosis to clear up obscure cases rather than hide
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room 1 was informed that the child was born but did not
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emaciation is progressive. These morbid processes may
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chief ingredient of the so called fusel oil and the general opinion
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chus or bronchiole with dense or infiltrated walls over which one
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is entirely relieved and the divergence is reduced.
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the only method available. In malignant operable tumours
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bear in mind that lesions of the left heart are most
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than had been attempted by the Act for the care of the
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Others believe that the first attack of an infectious dis
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the ventricular 30 per minute. The patient made a com
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appears to be present after early rains but disappears as the
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better results being obtainable by reducing the amount of
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who assigns a crown of virtue to him rather than a garland
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HAPALOTREMA Looss 1899b 656 657 ra. constrictum mistroide8 1902m 415
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found to be holding the lung tightly back. This was
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methylenamine phosphate mixture and dissolved extra uric acid whereas in
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movements of the small gut were productive of an annoying dis
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or discovered and as a consequence there is yet no posi
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of each illness and of the issuing of first and final
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secondarily checked owing to difficulty of irrigation.
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irregularly though always oppositely branched and of quick growth
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benefited by the use of PTotomtdein Beta combining the nucleina of
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vation. The last case appeared to be due to reflex irritation
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especially is this important with cake containing grated or dessicated cocoanut.
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the shoulder until he made the patient breathe hard
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nhriukage of bronchia glands which haro beiocnnc adheicnt to tlrt
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difficult to use in routine work iu private and iu hospital.
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and sometimes harder and firmer nodules which disappear after a time
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cretion within the tubules thus producing a variety
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removes the arsenious acid so thoroughly forming an insoluble substance
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bones being broken beneath the skin. Sometimes it is sufficient to
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observation will apply to dislocation of the fingers.
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institutions and r mosquito netting should be generally used.
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Chief interest has therefore centred in the pathological anatomy