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bule of the left nasal fossa. It was a freely movable
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problems that have first of all a biological basis.
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stance. Abscesses may also result from the pressure and inflanuna
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with a certain disease that is commonly called the King s Evil
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features are in the upper parts. Hence in reading atten
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buret and silica. The charcoal is now thoroughly dried at first by a
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invade the circulation hemic or lymphatic and the part to be
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Monnier 1 discusses pemphigoid eruptions associated with
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by some that they were portions of the spines of several mastodons and
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attacks were often met with. Paraesthesiae or abnormal sensations
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presumption of any did ever yet enjoin. Thus Hippocrates
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hospitals are the Royal Westminster Ophtbalmio Hospital
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Veritas. Within the last few months it has published a number of
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The temperature is moderately elevated. Dyspnoea oppression
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ings disintegjatiou in the lateral gray network of fibres halfway between
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natural size color and consistence. The bladder contained
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work were limited to auto trips to farms in the surrounding country.
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analyzed is very limited. But despite the difficult nature of the subject
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Lancet of August 14th. This is a powerful antiseptic
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ing the body. Spencer and Oillan describe as follows the
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Dr. Yeo s lectures have so recently appeared in the
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latter being only 108 miles long and 37 broad. It also
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tion for the instances of epithelioma of the larynx
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little bladder slowly increasing in size Figs. 1 and 2 soon
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WILLIAM BAKER HORN 26 calls Chapel Hill his home town although he
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and sacramental purposes and were required to keep records of each
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dant extending in cord and in kidney from the adventitia
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March 16 1903. Mother died of tuberculosis. The patient s
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with the lillet and the descending or spinal root of the fifth
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without any movement and then have a diarrhea which
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lished an article upon the use of the ice bag in fever.
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animal is said to kill them immediately and to produce no caustic
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teachings which fell from the lips of One who was a carpenter
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stance was natural because tbere was great variety in
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assistance was obtained from the State Department which
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small specks. Patella some erosion with deposit of larate of soda
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drous salt consists of one equivalent of Iodine 126.3 and one of iron
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it has unquestionably already falsified the forecasts of in
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all the adult man does not incline to that independent form
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Reisen zum Gebrauch fur Geographen und Forschungsreisende.
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practical interest which seemed closely connected with the
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particularly when they are found massed together in the hindgut and
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Hammation the swelling gradually subsides and occasionally the nerve re
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front its superficial layers exhibited the greenish colour peculiar to
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white calyx of the fruit red or reddish with acid and somewhat bitter
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surgical aspects of these affections since the Annual for 190 1 went
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hygiene 1901 sanitary tactics the military shoe 1912 and the
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arising from local disease removed and proper attention paid to
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Chambers Pavy and Fothergill on the subject of dietetic reduction of corpulence.
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onion. In the morning of the following day the filmaron is