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A board of dental officers was appointed by War Department

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conditions as regards house construction etc. are not unfavourable

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The relations between constipation and disease of the rectum

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what Waldeyer had done for cancer of the breast what Thiersch had done

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chronic gonorrhoeas that resisted all previous treat

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vertically in order to check hemorrhage and to permit

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Spontaneous fractures such as were noted in three of his own

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We would respectfully draw attention to this fact and to the

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of magnesia and as soon as this remedy has acted upon

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corresponding values of n calculated from the equation

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tics and illustrates with a chart. Primary meningitis

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engorgement of the bases is of frequent occurrence in severe or fatal

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cular dissection required by quadruple ligature when the simple

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Paralysis of the right vocal cord is against compression by aneurysm

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