neither of which gave a positive reaction with tuberculine.
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plete or partial consolidation of the lung and twelve
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rooms where troublesome patients can be watched and
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The Medical Board of Mt. Sinai Hospital has learned
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plasms in the former astringent applications to diminish the sensibility of
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tendency to descensus of the abdominal viscera. The
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it is very considerably outnumbered by the Germans.
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fifteen minutes the patient died from respiratory failure. At the time
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so that patients must be made to understand this. It is
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maladies which have their basis in some disturbance of the
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the almonds are jieeled and ground. Add half a pint warm water
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acute lymphatic leukaemia present a considerable resemblance to scurvy
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ously. An objection has been raised to this the state
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and suffocation may follow from swelling of the nostrils and
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that hay fever was due to pollen. He believed that the flow
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For tuberculosis we have tuberculin. This carefully used over a long
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products to enter the blood the protective substances of which
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into three cla.sses albumin paranuclein or phosphoglobulin
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effect of antisyphilitic treatment especially salvarsan should be studied.
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wait two hours but no longer before putting it to the
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regular in menstruation. The menses ceased on April 28 1888 and she felt
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Harris 1 reports a case of hypertrophic scar following an operation
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