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Acetidine or any other favorite analgesic will usually aid in controlling

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Considerations respecting Paralysis of ike Sympathetic.

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In these observations I pass by without notice the common and well

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be clamped before cutting through the platysma fascia. Thus no hemorrhage

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Cassell amp Co. 1902 The Poultry Book New York Doubleday Page amp Co.

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being attacked by infectious organisms or their toxins. I have often

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growths are found in parts extending into the interiors of the tubes.

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Exercise out of doors is of undoubted value in chronic gout and

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ciated on being deprived of them Schmidt and Sturzwege in

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Illustrated and descriptive catalog sent on request.

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It is the most natural thing in the world when you have

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carbolic acid and glycerin into the arteries was recommended.

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In cases of this character as well as many others men are apt

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tatation 1 amputation of thigh 5 leather splint 1 wool splint 1 plaster

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such study of the subject as may be pursued without danger

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bility of the surgeon is usually considered to terminate only when

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The Principles of Ante Natal and Post Natal Child Physiology

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and the aspect is listless and apathetic. In severe cases the patient passes

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