Summer CD

$7.99 @ No Karma
1. Surround
2. April Is
3. Lullabye
4. Telephone Line (MP3)
5. Sound Machine
6. Who Knows What She's Thinking
7. Paperwhites
Split 7" w/ Lungs of a Giant

$3.99 @ No Karma
Features "Candy" and "Do Right" plus two songs by Lungs of a Giant
T-Shirt If you're listening to the tunes then you might as well be wearing the fashion statement. They come in all sizes (small, medium, large, and children's medium), but only one color: ORANGE!
Contraphonic: Lookin' Good, Soundin' Good Compilation CD Available in September. Free at La Pieta shows or when you order anything from the No Karma Online Store

You can also send cash / checks to:
Michael Schaffer
222 East 3rd St.
Apt 1G
Summer is $10, the 7" is $4 and the shirt is $12, all postage paid.