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Reply. The habit of keeping food in vacuum bottles is growing. Some

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gerous. A paste is made thus Quicklime 16 oz. pearl

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scnrvy and purpura then it is of the hemorrhage variety. Cancer of the

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Nature never intended that man should be strictly vegetarian.

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wards. To erect the third ward building 50 000 is needed.

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of chloride of sodium and one pint of water. Not being satis

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He was active in all the sessions and affairs of the North Carolina

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From 1SS9 to 1893 he was in charge of the Naval Hos

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en route to the United States on thirty days leave of

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of distended intestine was witlulrawn and a rubber tube inserted

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administration of a mineral water based on its mineral constituents as

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space round the knot becomes swollen and cedematous in many cases

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cerning the significance of individual symptoms in children s

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