changed this year. The Army has been divided into the American

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of the bacilli being disseminated by the blood stream.

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brevity and ease of reading. The first of the leaflets

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Army. The reorganization of the Medical Department of the Army

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excitability of the respiratory center would not practically produce a

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of opinion between the pediatrician and the otolaryngologist. For this

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of the arm and forearm are directed towards the elbow and the

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Art. 16. The prevenlian of amp fphilitic Infection by PercUoride of Iron

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I am not at all satisfied with large masses of dressings

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fessorship of Romanic Languages in the University for eighteen

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of the Womb or its Appendages not Relieved by Anti

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moved with the stones on which they are anchored into depths greater

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even strong tea or coffee may be used to advantage. Careful

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With regard to the 134 cases of supposed mediastinal cancer collected

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that the diet may be balanced to meet the various conditions that are

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by disturbances of sensation in this region and by tenderness of the nerve

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There were many rales at the bases of the lungs and a copious

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such cases being admitted during its period of activity. The largest number

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operation for cataract and the fact that we have been

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although against his Father s express Will and Intent.

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recognized and authorized by their Government who may be

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of stimulating and increasing the secretion of bile

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You ll hear a vocal interlude when sound and murmur fight

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seems probable that conjugate deviation in apoplexy is to a large extent

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tion of carbolic acid as injurious to the skin and even to the

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be granted immediate notice will be sent soliciting the attendance and

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conjunctival sac. The formation of a new cavity for prothesis is a most