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count of melancholia and valuable contributions to gynecology.
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of the upper limb are more extensible than those of the lower
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It may be well in this connection for me to explain
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Where may the break occur Anywhere between the head
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by disturbances of sensation in this region and by tenderness of the nerve
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one Holzknecht unit one fourth of a skin dose of X Rays.
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The indications which point to foot and mouth disease in
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brane and bringing edges together with interrupted suture.
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emptied and the urethra tied off with the catheter still Jn situ.
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signs of tire or exhaustion. Steyerthal s exposition is ingenious and scholarly
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staphylococcus septicemia etc. These experiments indi
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were degenerated. Atrophy of bone has been described by some authors.
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referred to Dr. Goodell s paper published in the Amer
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many horses are met with still perfectly free from lameness in
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tion the left arm and left side of face became paralysed.
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companying it. The tendency of modem investigations is
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cember 2d the patient went into sudden coma and death occurred during
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must learn the facts of pathology and of sanitation. There is no school
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The civil sanitary service is highly organized and its
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This is one of a series of entomological communications from the
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ccMe with the clinica aspects of typhoid Vidai s reaction is
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ot medicine. We have popular lecture men and women who give
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Dinner. The members and friends dined together at the Imperial
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periences of specific cases. It is eminently fitted for the
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