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The prevailing teachings are responsible for much of the confusion at Vancouver

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Importance of the Recognition of the Natural Course

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This illustrates the difference in frequency of the afifec

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of the Gwathmey Davis method of ether administration.

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It is at present entirely unknown how it happens that in living

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cera not only ofl er greater difficulties in their removal

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Dr. Brundage reports as follows I examined my records care

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French controlled the railway s their advice and cooperation were essential in

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Physicians can obtain samples of this most valuable prepared

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another. But like Buddha the wise man recognizes and points out

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be throughout your lives and you are as competent as ever yon

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Concerning the optic thalamic we must express ourselves with

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from taking a step that they might otherwise be inclined to do.

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ting the female sexual apparatus especially the uri

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higher plane of resistance to disease and greater tolerance of food is

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examination subsequent to operation be made within the period

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that there is no doubt in his eminent colleague s mind

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been verified by me many times and I consider that it shows

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salient papules which are scarcely visible this is the first degree of the

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third and fnurth left ribs and the third right rib were incompletely fractured.

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subcutaneous tissue except that they do not contain blood.

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vations and additions were due to him inter alia he was the

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records a case of rhizomelic spondylosis in a man aged 48

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a. Those corresponding to a state of exaltation of the

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bacillus also a number of whitish colonies which were micro

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amount of food taken and all of the patients come to operation in

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J grain. The best form for general use is the Iodide of Mercury

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blood by the aorta dilating and by the aorta lengthening.

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clinical picture in fact was characteristic of a much earlier age period. But

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The essential features of the epileptic m ike up may bo

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formed. The intensity and area of audibility seem to de

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part in the genesis of the malady according to several authorities

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malarial hemoglobinuria. In setting forth the practical

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neck and spreading upwards. The papules form large rasp

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merous collaterals are given off in a horizontal or a

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union which for organs as for entire individuals operates on homo

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be serious as there are sufficient quantities of eucaiue

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Regarding the students tlie school is now in a transition state. Originally and

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purposes it is quite sufficient to state that the bearers of heredity

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kitchens and sinks. The grounds were kept well policed and the sinks

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