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fevers the frequency of the pulse is increaseo. In debility and depres
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is life prolonged several days. The next type may be characterized
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most violent spasm during the rigor of fever to most complete
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Ostermaun Polstog in 1827 to St. Petersburg. Here he
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has given the name of Coccidium pcrforans to a species that Virchow
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heavier than hydrogen and somewhat heavier than air. It may be
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pneumonia led Marie to employ yeast in the other cases.
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trites when administered internally relieve spasm of mus
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Mr. Turner s motion to instruct the Council to consider
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eucalypt. a drachm of each and if there is no objec
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Properties. It is sold as colourless or nearly colourless crystals
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for eleven years. He was very ill and delirious from the onset.
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Amyl Salicylate. M. Lionnet La Midecine Moderne May
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Gently rub irritated parts with rectified spirits and then dust with
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inhalation of carbon dioxide. Overcrowding alone however