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i. Clinicnl Researches on Postoperative Acctonuria

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In a recent contribution to the Berlin Medical Society

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ceived from my friend Dr. Oppenheim of Hamburgh a gentleman whose

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political affiliation can be used as a lever to advantage but

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Paralysis of the museulo spiral nerve. The musculo spiral nerve is

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year and he has applied it to a spectroscopic binary variable star.

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Prof. 13eale speaks with no uncertain meaning as to the part

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give credit where it belongs and to contribute this report as

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University Hospital was made but it was found that the Wasser

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papers have been written about the disease that by Feindel and K.

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said he had tried it and found the drug was worse than useless.

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the insertion of the gluteus medius in the great trochanter

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uterus press upon the portal vein or the diaphragm or they

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disputed many authors asserting that the agent must be infective

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was swallowed and passed forty two hours later. Billroth mentions an

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throws the whole organism into panic. This is a point of

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strable in the latter. Auditory hallucinations are by

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line drawn 12 to 15 cm. under Poupart s ligament Lig.

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common in man as it is in animals all these apparently

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inadequate. Through the generosity of Sir Edward and