On admission he looked ill and was anaemic and sallow. The
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the rectum and uterus is dependent on the position of these
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Post mortem. There was extensive acute pleurisy over the
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malarial fever has longer intervals than the common ones. But
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the wound and later complications was long in getting well but Cases
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their shape and infectivitv for some eighteen hours.
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and when I examined the area 24 hours later it was but
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the ganglia. Non medullated fibers connect with the ganglia
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they have to make more voluntary efforts to empty the bladder than
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gas and food from entering the tissues. The canula may be left in
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stomach with icewater in ases of uncontrollable hemorrhage
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left that institution up to April 1896 there were two deaths. These two
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chronic bronchitis with or withont excessive secretion.
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adopted was this. The temperatures were taken on the ab
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dislodge them. At such times aaually at intervals of several days com
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closed and the lymphatics collapsed and when the chest is full of fluid
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ful case of heart disease hemiplegia occurs that is in itself
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months more especially if accompanied by progressive
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during the attack the patient is unable to recognise the nature of the
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Furthermore it is impossible to state A plan of treatment which in my
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slightly thickened arterioles the remaining measurements show no evidence
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some photographs of specimens in jars are very unsatis