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on the gross total is in accord with similar investigations at

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the average mortality for the last three years being 53.8

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proportionately with increasing mental age. Some of between 8 and 9 years will

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irritabilitv nervous depression sleeplessness and irritabilitv the

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mucous surfaces together as well as part of the muscular

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heavier than hydrogen and somewhat heavier than air. It may be

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position of the body on this sound is variable. It may disappear or

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abortive forms are accompanied by other malarial manifestations e.g.

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best procedure to elicit it is to have the patient sit on

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The unit remained in training at Camp Greenleaf until September 10 1918

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theory that the sunival of the fittest was best for

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good qualities. Possibly Sparta is referred to v6fio lt s certainly

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purulent cases particularly those in which the streptococci occur usually

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Tnberculosb. How the pulmonary invalid may make and maintain a

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When I saw her I found an enlargement of the socket

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as may be needful after which the litter bearers transfer

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The college of agriculture offers a most thorough collegiate course.

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typical endogenous figures the diet being practically purin free. It

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nal Plasmodium produces about 16 merozoites at the time of

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have been constantly acting and the food has travelled through the

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PuBLisHKD Monthly by the Ameeican Medical Publishing Company.

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anastomosis no of vicious circle occurring. Richardson

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toms of ordinary portal or atrophic cirrhosis or on the

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face of the calf. In place of the internal malleolus

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supreme court of Texas in the case of Polk County vs. Phil

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rise and sleep be interfered with but the tension may be increased

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ferred to above will be suf amp cient to produce the

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and the back. They often develop lameness. This lameness may be mis

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pushed their way into my precincts. They represent the modern

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saline syringing for a few weeks the discharge ceased and the paralysis

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reviewed The inter maxiUarv apparatus is intrabuocal established between the

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mins and defective elimination on account of fever

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graduates to measure the outflow and an assistant can empty these

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in young people and probably contracted in bathing in pools and

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the media furnished by the host are more favorable to the de

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the abdominal muscles as much as possible. He writhes and twists un

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both her ovaries. The ordinary patient after having her

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taken into consideration is that the arteries are in healthy condition so

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water and let them drink freely of this. This will be sufficient

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In the particulars with regard to this Section published

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sternum or clavicle when necessary to obtain the proper visualization of

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arsenic give up the drug and later improve without any medicament

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It is demonstrably true that the difierence of a few hundred

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some account of each of them follows. With one excep

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to a trifling degree the rise in blood pressure would far and

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medical practitioners had a combined practice that many panel

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Nova Scotiau by birth was admitted to the service of

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The diagnosis with syphilis is often much more difficult since

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occur in other situations such as the ears lips nose etc. The distribution

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Edgar Professor of Obstetrics in the Medical School of

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Direct Indirect Heating and Ventilation. When radiators or other

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the redundant tissue only which is usually about one third or

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distinct spectrum when heated sufficiently to become a

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common inefficiency of the service thus required espe

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equipment were essential in order that satisfactory results might be attained in