This type has been studied principally by Mr. Kobert Jones of

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ubtttniction or regurgitation at the mitral orifice which causes an

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quent diminished supply of oxygenated hlood to the system. The dyspnc

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Tecbnik und der Naturwiffenfcbaft die KuUurentwicklung Gefabr lief

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tension be attributable to a state of hyperthyroidism or thyroid

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Durande s celebrated nostrum which for a long time wa

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Two hours after death the heat continues to augment soon reaches its

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One of the leading physicians of Meridian Miss. under date

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front of its neck. The larynx then being steadied and

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ping hemorrhage from a wound in tlie ventricles is in

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Eugby. Eugby School Lower School of Laurence Sheriff.

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This disease is marked by slowly progressive debility the Cat is

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lung had been removed was invariably carefully noted. Our

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before degeneration occurs there may be complete cure but it

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istrative measures as illustrated by the campaign in British Guiana. Washington

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systolic index. As the flattening becomes less the sound beconie.N louder and

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IS for man and that the rational use of its good things wiU

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When the nutrition of the muscles has been impaired by long in

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the ducts was very considerable indeed. This was re

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cum la quale se continua questo intestino duodeno. Digesto andoncha el

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one hole rubber cork. 4 Wrap up the whole arrangement and

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than the memory of past failure. But as that memory has

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Failure of the ferments in any of the steps of meta

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fection in question which Heine gives us in the very

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LITERATURE. The following works are given for special reference Mackenzie James.

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after leaving the hospital and in nearly all the relapses there is

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or flowers. In short a chamber should be the cleanest driest

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the ptomaines precipitates which are usually crystalline and

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Another factor which has contributed to the reduction in the

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lateral margin of the cerebral hemisphere. By tracing the

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most excellent for dyspepsia but by no means so good as the

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vours his heart as food for courage or the barbarian immolates

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The fact that the tumors almost invariably recur locally

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than any one else to tell the story of the guest of the

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and Walter Blaxland of the London Hospital Herbert E. Counsel of Guys

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for us to consider those that show the greatest efficiency and the

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v table or animal and additionally equipped with facilities for

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got from the berries of a climbing plant that grows in the West

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available. The age limit is 40 but in special cases medical

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the cinchonic red unites with the alkaloids producing compounds not

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could be obtained. The authors think some other substance than peptone

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one safe tule in all cases of tnalignant growth of the

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and in 6 cases effusion into the pericardium. In 2 cases there were

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undertaken by a general practitioner of ordinary profes

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enlarged to almost twice its normal size and round dis

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must say that his stethoscopic knowledge does him infinite credit and fur

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tincture of benzoin and soap in distilled water and

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in the other. It is said that of the admissions of emigrants into

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tions drawn from our exijeriments and the clinical observations on

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provement of our profession and his steadfast adherence to its highest

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weeks or months and what is equally important the fees

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continued flow of fluid through the trocar openins.